Professorship (W3) for Data Engineering

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Universität Hamburg offers data-intensive fields of application and various research opportunities in informatics through its core research areas Climate, Earth and Environment; Infection Research; Particle, Astro- and Mathematical Physics; Manuscript Cultures; and Neurosciences and Cognitive Systems. These interdisciplinary possibilities and broad-based core informatics make Hamburg the ideal location for research in informatics, artificial intelligence, and data science methods. Whether you are a researcher at the beginning of your career or an established expert, work with us to shape the excellent strategic development of Hamburg into an international data hub for informatics.


The Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences invites applications for a professorship (W3) for Data Engineering.

The field covers the systematic development of methods and architectures for reliable, high-performance, and scalable systems that allow us to process and analyze very large, continually growing quantities of heterogeneous data based on modern system development methods and the associated data processing and storage.

The successful applicant is expected to participate in the University’s core research areas. This includes possible involvement in the Climate, Earth and Environment area.

Potential research areas include

  • the processing of high-volume data sets in scientific simulations connected to the University’s core research areas (e.g., climate modeling and its data)
  • the methodical development and improvement of data management systems for redundant, erroneous, or incomplete data
  • the utilization of data in connection with machine learning methods
  • the streaming processing of data
  • the integration of local data storage systems as well as cloud and edge storage systems
  • the connection of large, efficient, distributed storage systems to HPC infrastructures

We expect the successful candidate to consolidate and cultivate the data science activities in the Department of Informatics and strengthen and coordinate cooperation in this area with other Hamburg universities and nonuniversity research institutions. Links to the department’s activities in the construction of the German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) are desired.

The professorship participates actively in the Department of Informatics’ degree program, including at undergraduate level (particularly basic database training) and in teaching at external institutions. In particular, involvement in the newly established English-language master’s degree program Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is expected.

Your profile

We are looking for a candidate with an outstanding academic track record and research experience in the professorship field.

In addition to international recognition, applicants are expected to have an excellent track record of publications and projects attesting to outstanding research in the field. Applicants should also demonstrate the willingness and ability to collaborate in the department’s and the faculty’s research areas as well as outside of these institutions, for example in application-related cooperation projects. The successful candidate is required to have experience and a successful track record in acquiring third-party funding for projects. In addition, very good didactic skills and experience in university teaching are expected. Experience with managing staff and academic self-governance is desired.

Additional information

Universität Hamburg values gender equality, diversity, and finding a balance between family life and working or studying. Integrating these values into teaching and management is expected. We also expressly encourage qualified women to apply.

Severely disabled and disabled applicants with the same status will receive preference over equally qualified non-disabled applicants.

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